Stathis Doganis was born in 1987, in Athens, Greece. He works as an Artist – Independent Curator as well as a Museum and Gallery Digital Media consultant.
In 2012, he graduated from the Department of Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design of the Technological Education Institution of Athens in Greece and the next year he moved to Doha, Qatar to study museum studies, with a UCL and Qatar Foundation scholarship. During his Masters in UCL, Stathis focused on contemporary art curation as well as on the Digital Media in museums and galleries.
Parallel to his studies, he continued to work in his art projects. In 2011, he curated the photographic exhibition “Getaway: A Modern Tale of Human Escapeade”, which was an answer to the economical crisis that his country has suffered over the last four years. In May of 2013, Stathis co-curated the exhibition “Backstage” in the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar. The aim of this exhibition was to highlight the roles and the work of the museum professionals
In the beginning of 2013, he filmed Sans Attente, a dance short movie that anticipated to highlight the human relationships. The movie won the best interpretation award in the InShadow festival, in Lisbon, in December 2013 it has been officially selected in four movie festivals (InShadows 2013, LOIKKA 2013, Miden Video Art Festival 2013 and Athens Video Dance Project 2012) and it has been screened in many other festivals worldwide.
In December 2014, he curated the exhibition Memories², that was hosted by Horostasion art space in Athens. The exhibition Memories² aimed to connect the terms of remembrance, memories with nostalgia through photography.
From January 2015, he works with Konstantinos Rizos in the installation – performance Breathe, that was first presented in Athens Video Dance project 2015. The work Breathe (work in progress) is a dynamic installation that focuses on the need of human relations.
In October 2016, he presented the work Under Siege at MÉTA Platform. Under Siege is a work that focuses at the brutal abolition of human values via the abrupt change of the most crucial human right, the Freedom.
In April 2017, he works with Myrto Delimichali in the digital dance performance Reflections, that was presented in the Athens Video Dance Project 2017. The work Reflections shows the connections between two people. Reflections combines movement and digital media in order to yield this physiological situation, in which people are unable to communicate effectively. Consequently, they drive themselves to use self defense mechanisms which ‘reflect’ and project ourselves to the society.