The work took 35 days to make, including location scouting, shooting photos and film, creating a website, reworking sounds and texts to compose soundscapes, and directing and choreographing a series of actions and reactions. At eleven different points across the city: from Mount Lycabettus to Aghion Anargyron Square in Psyrri, and from Fokionos Negri Street to the Aristidou Arcade. In spaces public and private, on rooftops and inside apartments. Without an audience. And with eleven performers, whose journeys and stops around the city were recorded in situ, giving rise to the film and site map now being presented for the first time.


The work renders an experiential observation of the events that unfolded in quarantine in 2020–2021. A map of movement traces has been created with a view to juxtaposing recent experiences with the limitations imposed on freedom of movement.


Springing from real-life experiences of the city, as shaped and transformed on a daily basis by current events, the project seeks to map our discontinuous journeys and forbidden outings, our unnecessary movements and the distances we’ve kept from one another. The work can be seen as a stand-alone story or as a system documenting moments of everyday life.


Text: Iliana Dimadi